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  • 228,50 €

    Il nostro monitor delle prestazioni più avanzato. È dotato di un sistema wireless per il monitoraggio della frequenza cardiaca, la possibilità di memorizzare allenamenti in una pennetta USB flash drive (in vendita separatamente), e la retroilluminazione per una visibilità impeccabile anche in ambienti poco luminosi.

    228,50 €
  • 51,24 €

    For use on the black SkiErg manufactured August 2014–present. Contains everything you need to replace both handle cords. See more info.

    51,24 €
  • 29,28 €

    For use with Model D and E Indoor Rowers and the SkiErg. This is the sensor coil for the power generator that transmits flywheel motion to and generates power for the Performance Monitor on your indoor rower or SkiErg. See more info.

    29,28 €
  • 13,10 €

    For use on all black SkiErgs manufactured from Aug 2014–Present or any gray SkiErg that has already been retrofitted with this handle. Contains two handles and two plugs. See more info.

    13,10 €
  • 5,39 €

    For use on the black SkiErg manufactured August 2014–present. This is the 13' long elastic shock cord (or bungee cord) that provides recoiling. Order two per machine. See more info. Note: Shock cord may be green or white.

    5,39 €
  • 1,46 €

    For use with Model C and D Indoor Rowers and all SkiErgs Plastic cover for the bearing on the left side of the Model C or D Indoor Rower, opposite the flywheel, and the back side of all SkiErgs.

    1,46 €
  • 0,46 €

    For use on all Model C, D, E and Dynamic Indoor Rowers as well as all SkiErgs. This is the rubber bearing cup that holds the R8 bearing on indoor rowers (part number 232, sold separately) and the 12mm bearing on SkiErgs. See more info.

    0,46 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items